Direct Mail

Looking for a UNIQUE way to reach customers around your business? Our affordable, giant co-op postcard mailer may be just the thing for instant visibility.

Local Advertising That Works!

You Make The Offer, We Get It In Front Of Thousands

We have many years of experience providing a unique advertising option for local businesses. Our commitment is to customer satisfaction and providing EXPOSURE of your business to thousands of local customers.

Front Page Advertising

No pages to flip through and no envelopes to open. It takes mere seconds to glance over the postcard which GUARANTEES customers SEE your ad!

NO Competitors

We offer only one EXCLUSIVE business per category. For example, once we sign up a dog groomer, no other dog groomer ads will appear on the postcard!

An Affordable Option

With FREE ad design, no long term contracts, this truly is an AFFORDABLE way to advertise your business!

Local advertising that woks!

Example 9" x12" Postcard

The example postcard above is our popular 9 x 12 in postcard mailer designed to highlight local area businesses.

In this example, an area business could reach 10,000 homes directly in thier preferred target market for as little as .05 per home. Includes all design, printing and mailing costs.

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